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TikTok to be Banned in USA , TikTok to get a legal action over trump’s ban

Tiktok banned in US

TikTok is a Chinese owned Social video sharing app, might be the world’s fastest growing social media app. Users can shoot and edit the video clip to 15 seconds small clips with animations, effects, music, filters and many more. This app is a massive global hit: the app had 700 million downloads in 2019 and was growing even faster in 2020.But this app ran by American CEO

The first major hit came end of the June, when the TikTok was blocked in India after a heated border clash with 20 Indian soldiers’ death. India’s government has banned 59 apps including TikTok because of the Country Safe. Day after the announcement the applications were removed from the Google play store and the Apple store in India. Last Wednesday Donald Trump, president of USA told reporters that he plans to ban Chinese owned TikTok app from the USA. The order state 45 days from now. This short video sharing app has more than 80 million people in USA. President said TikTok should banned in US market due to national security concern. It said the app could allow Beijing to spy on US government employees and contractor, collect personal data for blackmail.


According to the TikTok privacy policy, the company collects a range of personal information including email, phone numbers, payment information, social medial accounts information, images. It also collects information from user linked social networks as well as technological data such as IP address, browsing history, location data.

After the Trump’s order, TikTok has confirmed now that it will indeed to take legal action against the US government. The company said it was “shocked” by an executive order from the US president. also, the said “we have made clear that TikTok has never shared user data with Chinese government”.

Behind the scenes there are several reasons for the banned TikTok in USA. Both countries are competing over artificial intelligence, super-fast 5G mobile network and other technologies. Although both countries have long running economic ties that enable some collaborations. Before that US get actions against hardware companies such as Huawei and ZTE. US has created the most of the leading technology companies in the world, with the leading players in software, hardware, smartphones, search and social networking. Indeed, the top five are the most highly valued in any sector, China’s technology sector has rapidly developed last five years with the Tencent and Alibaba making their way into the top ranks of global companies.

Does Trump have an authority to do this? The Simple answer is “No”. It would be impossible to actively delete TikTok from every device in USA.it would be up to Google, Apple and Microsoft.For most people the ban of Tiktok either wouldn’t have a major impact on their lives, but for some like the biggest creators, celebrities this could have an impact on their live hood.

Finally, the announcement may also serve to chill other would be Chinese investors considering entering USA market, specially technology market. Foreign investors are used to thinking about political risks when operating in developing countries with weak legal institutions and rule of law.

Does Trump have an authority to do this?

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