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Meet the Device Changing the Shapes of Future -Galaxy Z Fold2 5G

Samsung galaxy Fold Z2

Ever since the first Galaxy Fold was introduced by Samsung, that the second one will be the one to look forward to. The first attempt at a new product is often flawed and was no exception. The New Samsung Galaxy Fold Z2 phone improved in almost every day. The Z Fold 2 is a phone that will make plenty of people embracing the foldable experience. 

The Galaxy Z Fold 2 will be available in Mystic Black and Mystic Bronze colors, in around 40 markets including the USA, UK, and Korea, on September 18, 2020, with pre-orders from September 1, 2020, onwards, starting with select markets including the U.S. and Europe countries.


The system chip pair with an LPDDR5 RAM, 12GB to be exact. The base storage has been reduced to 256GB, but there is a 512GB version, and it’s the fastest type available right now. The battery capacity is increased, but just slightly, to 4,500mAh, with a bigger display, there might not be many gains in battery life, there is fast Samsung charging to take care of this.

The main camera is with a big-pixel 12MP sensor with optical image stabilization and phase-detection autofocus. Taking the role of a telephoto camera is another 12MP sensor that allows for a 2x optical room finishing up the triple of rear cameras is the 12MP ultra-wide-angle camera. The three 12MP cameras will work in perfect sync to produce great photos.

  • Triple rear camera:
    • Main: 12MP, 1.8µm, f/1.8 OIS
    • Ultra-wide: 12MP, 1.12µm, f/2.2
    • Telephoto: 12MP, 1.0µm, f/2.4
  • Punch hole cover camera:
    • 10MP, 1.22µm, f/2.2
  • Punch hole front camera:
    • 10MP, 1.22µm, f/2.2
galaxy z fold camera

Best 5 Features


Now you can arrange and resize up to three apps on the screen ( Multi-Active Window), and you can set up a pair of apps to open side by side. YouTube, Gmail, Spotify, Email, and Microsoft Office apps will automatically get a tablet-like split-screen view with a sidebar and main app pane. 

2.External screen

A larger, 6.2-inch display that takes up the entire outer screen looks great in the closed position and makes the phone easier to use when you want to type quick replies one-handed or snap and immediately share a photo and also It’s easy to take selfies and photos.

Galaxy Z Fold2 5G front camera

3.Samsung’s VIP foldable Z Premiere treatment

Samsung has widely expanded its VIP club for foldable phones. Anyone who buys a Z Fold 2, Fold, or Z Flip (including the new Z Flip 5G) can get access to the program.

  • Galaxy Z Concierge program for on-demand customer service and consultation
  • First-time screen replacement of $149
  • Six months of LinkedIn Premium
  • Founders Card benefits 12-month membership when you preorder. After launch, you get six months free
  • A prepared meal from a Michelin starred restaurant through Tock
  • Fairway Pass Elite through ClubCorp, which gives you access to golf clubs
  • Six months of Obe Fitness online workouts
  • $50 off Glamsquad in-home hair service

4. You can customize the Fold’s hinge color

You can buy the Z Fold 2 phone in mystic bronze and mystic black colors, and customize the hinge in metallic red, silver, gold, or blue. Therefore it could take up to 4 – 5 weeks for a custom phone to arrive.

Galaxy Z Fold2 5G colors

5.5G Support

5G(Fifth Generation Technology) is the latest mobile phone technology. Most mobile phones(Samsung s20 series, Oneplus 8 series, Sony Xperia 1, LG V60 ThinQ) and upcoming devices (Apple 12) are using this technology including Samsung Galaxy Fold Z 2 phone.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 5G is Samsung’s most luxurious and expensive phone. The galaxy Fold Z 2 phone will be priced between $1,900 and 2000.

Images by – cnet.com , tomsguide.com , androidauthority.com


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