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How Corona Virus is Affecting Sports and Games Events

How Corona Virus is Affecting Sports and Games Events

Covid-19 / Corona Virus is becoming a World Pandemic These days. The World Health Organization (WHO) reported 23,441,581 Covid worldwide cases since 31 December 2019 to 24th August 2020, including 809,422 deaths. Virus was spreading more than 180 countries.

Since the Covid-19 pandemic has spread to more countries. Social and physical distancing measures, lock down of countries, cities, schools, businesses and overall social life most sporting events have been cancelled or postponed.

Olympic Games

The most significant one that was due to take place in Japan this summer was the Tokyo 2020 Olympic, The International Olympic Committee and Japan’s prime minster Shinto Abe decided to Olympic Games next year, it will be held on August 2021 now. also, the international Olympic committee announced last week in a confirmed statement that the venue and the schedule for the 2021 games.


The International Tennis Championship (ITF) said nearly 900 tournaments had been postponed. The Wimbledon tennis championship have been canceled because of the corona pandemic, according to the resource it is the first time the championship has been cancelled off since Second World War. The French open has been postpones until September. Also, there was disappointment for BNP Paribas Open in Indian Wells. Also cancelled the Xi’an opened and Kunning Open. Both events organized in China.


The outbreak of the corona virus pandemic had a serious impact on a number of football events.

  • Football League, South Korea
  • THE English Premier League, Italy’s Serie, Spanish La League, Turkey’s Super         League
  • African Championship League
  • The CONCACAF (Confederation of North, Central American and Caribbean Association Football) National League Finals
  • Russian League
  • Belgium Cup Finals
  • The African Nation Championship 2020
  • The Euro 2020 Tournament
  • The Euro 2021 Women’s Championship
  • The Women’s Football League
  • All National Teams Games
  • Chinese and Japanese Professional League
  • Asian Champion League
  • African Cup of Nations

 Formula One

The motor racing calendar 2020 was stripped bare by the corona virus pandemic.

  • The Hungarian Formula One Grand Fix
  • The Dutch Grand Prix
  • The Azerbaijan Grand Prix
  • The Bahrain Grand Prix
  • The Vietnam Grand Prix
  • The Chinese Grand Prix
  • The French Grand Prix
  • The Monaco Grand Prix
  • Three Formula One Grand Prix in Azerbaijan, Singapore and Japan


World’s Rugby Committee Announced it has postponed all the matches due to travel curbs and health protocols implemented to halt the spread of corona virus pandemic

  • Six Nations Matches
  • World Rugby Seven Series
  • England – Australia Rugby League
  • The Women’s Six Nations Games


  • New Zealand Tour of Bangladesh
  • England’s two- test match series with SriLanka
  • The men’s Cricket World Cup Challenge League
  • Indian Premier League (IPL)
  • Pakistan Super League
  • Australia Tour of Bangladesh


  • The final qualification Tournament in Taiwan
  • Japan’s professional League
  • Badminton’s Thomas and Uber cup Finals
  • World Badminton Championships


  • The Traditional Berlin Athletics Meeting
  • The World Athletics Championship
  • The Diamond League
  • The World Athletics Indoor Championship
  • The World Para Athletics European Championship

Most of tournaments postponed without any fix date, it affects to country economy indirectly. All tournaments agreements may include sponsorship agreements, ticket agreements, Commercial contracts, food and stay agreements, transport agreements; When the tournaments cancelation or postponing agreements are canceling. it is a big loss for the owners. Most of the company owners pay the contribution to country economy directly.



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