greek sculptures

US Congress members ask Britain to Return greatest ancient greek sculptures to Greece

Eighteen members of the United States Congress, including both Democrats and Republicans, sent an official letter to Boris Johnson, UK Prime Minister urging “earnest”...
Found 27 coffins at Egypt’s Saqqara pyramid

Egyptian Archaeologists found 27 coffins near the Saqqara pyramid

CAIRO — Egyptian archaeologists have unearthed 27 ancient coffins in a vast necropolis south of Cairo near Saqqara pyramid, an official said Monday. "The...
Beirut port fire and the explosion

Beirut port fired, 5 weeks after the massive blast

A huge fire broke out in Beirut port, Lebanon on Thursday (10th of September), just weeks after the massive blast at the same place...
PS5 vs. Xbox Series X Specification

PS5 vs Xbox Series X – What is better ?

When comparing the PS5 vs Xbox Series X consoles, there’s a lot to digest and as the launch of the new generation draws closer,...
Samsung galaxy Fold Z2

Meet the Device Changing the Shapes of Future -Galaxy Z Fold2 5G

Ever since the first Galaxy Fold was introduced by Samsung, that the second one will be the one to look forward to. The first attempt at...
top 20 messaging apps

Top 20 Messaging Apps for Android & IOS

A messaging app is a chat application that enables users to instant message or calls with each other through their mobile devices or computers,...

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