google assistant new fetures

New Features of Google Assistant

Google Assistant is an Artificial Intelligence software powered and developed by Google. It's primarily available on mobile, PC, and smart home devices. When it launched, Google Assistant was...
inventions in 2020

Newest Inventions introduced in 2020

ULO Nowadays lots of objects are connected with each other. But none of them truly connects with you. Not like no other inventions, ULO creates...
PS5 vs. Xbox Series X Specification

PS5 vs Xbox Series X – What is better ?

When comparing the PS5 vs Xbox Series X consoles, there’s a lot to digest and as the launch of the new generation draws closer,...
Modi's Twitter hacked

India PM Modi’s Twitter Account Hacked

Last Thursday Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Twitter account hacked. The hacked account is the official Twitter account handle for Mr. Modi’s personal website....
Samsung galaxy Fold Z2

Meet the Device Changing the Shapes of Future -Galaxy Z Fold2 5G

Ever since the first Galaxy Fold was introduced by Samsung, that the second one will be the one to look forward to. The first attempt at...
New Apple iPhone 12 (2020)

Apple iPhone 12 (2020)

The iPhone is a super smartphone made by Apple company that combines a computer, a digital camera, and a mobile phone into one device with a touchscreen...
top 20 messaging apps

Top 20 Messaging Apps for Android & IOS

A messaging app is a chat application that enables users to instant message or calls with each other through their mobile devices or computers,...
Tiktok banned in US

TikTok to be Banned in USA , TikTok to get a legal action over...

TikTok is a Chinese owned Social video sharing app, might be the world’s fastest growing social media app. Users can shoot and edit the...
Android 11

Developer’s preview of Android 11 is already here. Are you ready?

What is Android? Android is an Operating System, specifically designed for mobile devices. Developed using Linux kernel and other open source software. Android was...

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