greek sculptures

US Congress members ask Britain to Return greatest ancient greek sculptures to Greece

Eighteen members of the United States Congress, including both Democrats and Republicans, sent an official letter to Boris Johnson, UK Prime Minister urging “earnest”...
Found 27 coffins at Egypt’s Saqqara pyramid

Egyptian Archaeologists found 27 coffins near the Saqqara pyramid

CAIRO — Egyptian archaeologists have unearthed 27 ancient coffins in a vast necropolis south of Cairo near Saqqara pyramid, an official said Monday. "The...
Emmy Awards 2020

Emmy Awards 2020 – Full List of Award Winners

The 72nd Emmy Awards 2020 to be honored for the best in U.S. prime time television programming from June 1, 2019, to May 31,...
google assistant new fetures

New Features of Google Assistant

Google Assistant is an Artificial Intelligence software powered and developed by Google. It's primarily available on mobile, PC, and smart home devices. When it launched, Google Assistant was...
Main candidates of US Presidential election 2020

Which Faces Mainly Competing for US Presidential Election 2020?

The next US Presidential Election will be held on Tuesday, November 3, 2020. The 46th President will be elected from that presidential election. The...
inventions in 2020

Newest Inventions introduced in 2020

ULO Nowadays lots of objects are connected with each other. But none of them truly connects with you. Not like no other inventions, ULO creates...
Labor Day 2020

USA Labor Day 2020

Labour Day (Labor Day in the USA) is an annual holiday in most countries. It’s a day set aside for special recognition of working...
Special & Unique Holidays in September 2020, September Holidays 2020

Special & Unique Holidays in September , 2020

September 1 Uzbekistan Independence Day - Uzbekistan is a land-locked Central Asian nation that has a diverse and rich heritage due to its strategic...

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