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Newest Inventions introduced in 2020

inventions in 2020


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Nowadays lots of objects are connected with each other. But none of them truly connects with you. Not like no other inventions, ULO creates a unique bond. It’s a product of Vivien Muller( MU Design).

ULO is a security camera, a pet owl interacting with you through eye expressions. It can monitor your home or use it as a baby monitor. It streams directly (video & audio) on a secure webpage or mobile app.

ulo anatomy
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All data is stored inside Ulo. ULO is compatible with iOS, Android, Windows Phone, OS X, Windows 10, Linux, there are dedicated mobile apps for iOS & Android.

Read More – (Developer’s preview of Android 11 is already here)

Lacer Pecker Pro

Lacer Pecker Pro
Images – Xiomitoday

The Laser Pecker Pro Engraving Machine is a lightweight and compact laser engraving machine. That can draw pictures and text on any material anytime and anywhere because this machine runs on a mobile battery. It’s an invention of a Product Development company in China.

Lacer Pecker engravers can burn images, words, and patterns on nearly every material — food, metal, plastic, leather, and more..

It’s Launched earlier this week on Kickstarter, surpassed its modest funding goal of $10,000 in just 14 minutes, and is currently approaching $200,000 with over three weeks left to go in the campaign.

LaserPecker introduced a new feature, the laser on the Pro version from a 450nm blue laser with 0.3mm light spot to a 450nm blue-violet laser with a 0.15mm beam, which the company claims has over a 10,000-hour working lifespan. The Pro is a plug-and-play engraver ready to go outside the box and can use multiple power sources, including wall outlets, battery packs, and via USB Type-C cable.

Heated Gloves

heated gloves
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Candle Gloves are designed inventions for extreme weather conditions. The gloves are equipped with a carbon fiber heating element, making the heating elements thin, comfortable, efficient, and safe. Whether it’s a cold winter morning in the city or a blistering day at the ski hill, Candle has you covered. Heated Gloves are proud inventions of Candle Apparel.

Candle gloves heat up to 130°F/ 55°C, are breathable, touch screen friendly, last up to 6hours, and are also water-resistant. The fashionable, 100% vegan fabric remains soft and stretchy while under extremely cold conditions.

The Sentry – Video Door Bell

The Besma Sentry

The Sentry is the most advanced AI smart doorbell. It’s one of inventions of the Bosma Technology company. Get instantly notified when someone rings your doorbell. See and talk to your guest through your phone like a video call with Real 2-way Audio.

Walsun – World’s Smallest Fingerprint Bike Lock

Image – Indiegogo

Walsun fingerprint is the world’s smallest fingerprint lock.Walsun can keep your bike safe from those thieves.Walsun fingerprint is the world’s smallest fingerprint lock.Walsun can keep your bike safe from those thieves.it’s fast and accurate to its advanced sensor. No more bulky and heavy locks, it feels like just carrying another mobile phone with you. It’s an inventions from Walsun company.

As a disc brake fingerprint lock, Walsun fits most bikes and motorcycles with disc brakes that have a thickness up to 6mm. The stapler style lock prevents potential damage caused by riding away while Walsun is engaged. One of the cool features of Walsun is the auto-lock, just like your mobile phone, it has a “wake up” feature on the left side of this lock. Walsun will automatically lock after the 20s and when you need to unlock, simply press that button first then unlock it. This little feature can prolong the standby time of the lock. Being able to store up to 40 groups of fingerprints, it means that you can share your locked bicycle with your family and friends.

Lumi Mark 2

Lumi Mark 2
Image -BckerKit

LUMI MARK II is the Automated Camera & Phone Mount. However, Kinofi is an automated cameraman. It has Autorotation, panorama, time-lapse, live stream.

Basically, Lumi Mark II recognizes your face and moves. Whether on the move, filming the next YouTube tutorial, or just capturing the perfect selfie, and also never have to interrupt creativity to adjust angles or change focus settings. However, Film yourself in action Just select the object to want to focus on and stay locked-in on the action.


  1. High-Performance in Object Tracking
  2. Live stream direct
  3. Multi-Device Integration
  4. Versatile
  5. Hands-free smart capture
  6. Flawless Face Tracking
  7. Auto Time-Lapse
  8. Panorama
  9. Production Suite
  10. Native App
  11. Filming At any angle
  12. Multiple Devices At once (Studio Mode)


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